LSI 之 RAID 硬體陣列卡刷 IT mode

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LSI 之 RAID 硬體陣列卡刷 IT mode

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這一篇文章有解釋為何要將 LSI 的硬體陣列卡刷成 Initiator-Target (IT) firmware mode ,簡單的講是為了效能,放棄硬體陣列,直接由OS存取硬碟,應用層面上,虛擬機器如 PVE、ESXi,建置NAS的 FreeNAS、OpenMediaVault ,就可以使用它們自己的軟體陣列。


A quote from
"It is a well known practice that many vendors re-brand LSI RAID cards and host bus adapters (HBAs) using different firmware and re-sell them as their own. Oftentimes, re-branded cards are less expensive to acquire than their LSI counterparts making re-brands highly desirable."
"It is also well known that using the initiator-target (IT) firmware mode is a great way to give up the RAID features of the cards, treating the cards instead as simple HBAs in IT mode. In turn, this allows operating systems that handle parity calculations to directly access the drives, thereby reducing the rate of TLER dropouts from RAID arrays among other things."



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